Marry yourself - a self love ceremony

Do you know your true value?

The first step to get respect from other people is to honour yourself. This is the biggest challenge and at the same time the biggest present of the universe. Why? – Because you are the creator of your life. You have all the responsibility and you decide. In every moment you are the only person in your life who can change everything. Yes, you can change it, as fast as you allow yourself to make the difference. So you can start right now with a decision. I just ask you… How long do you still want to play the same game again and again?

Change it now!

This self love ceremony is waiting for you and
can build the base for the biggest change in your life!

What is waiting for you?

For this extraordinary ceremony we stay almost 24 hours together in an amazing luxury villa. We start at 2 pm with a come together to prepare you in a peaceful way for your marriage with yourself. You clear your mind, release all critical thoughts about yourself and invite your new YOU. We all have a good and trustful time together. You also can prepare yourself a bath of flowers or a massage. We sing, dance and celebrate our femininity as a final countdown for your marriage. In the end you will be newborn. You start a new part of your life with a huge package of self love, a new vision and a big hug for yourself.

What exactly is waiting for you?

  • Welcome drink and snack
  • clear your mind workshop
  • flower bath or massage
  • creating a new you workshop
  • photo shooting
  • celebration with an amazing dinner from our private chef
  • luxury room for overnight stay
  • new mindset breakfast
  • yoga
  • surprise
  • mindset call 1 week after

Have a look at the wonderful location

Join us

We start on 2nd of September at 2 pm.
It ends on 3rd of September after Breakfast

Where we are?

Uluwatu, Bali

Your investment – your choice

490 € without overnight stay
990 € with overnight stay in a two bedroom
1390 € with overnight stay in a single bedroom

About us

Rea Samek

Rea is a successful entrepreneur, she is an author and mama of a 6- year old boy. She is the founder of an online academy for virtual assistants. Every three months she publishes her lifestyle magazine. She travels around the world and lives in Bali, Dubai and Austria. Her digital office is always online, so she can decide every day where she wants to work. For her, this was the start of her self-love journey and a big change in her life. This project is from the heart and she knows how important self-love and empowerment really are. 

Nicole Reiter

Nicole ist a holistic psychologist and spiritual teacher. Her carreer started way before she arrived here in Bali. But mama Bali gave her the reason to offer a self love ceremony. To spread love. To heal the body. To connect yourself. She knows the most important thing in life ist the balance between body, mind and soul. So the marry yourself ceremony is an amazing conclusion of her holistic kind of work. 

If you have any questions just send an email to
I would be happy to answer to all your questions. 

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